Frequently Asked Questions

SirenMD is not an AMS or EMR. SirenMD is a communications and documentation tool that makes the lives of athletic trainers, therapists, physicians, and all other caregivers much easier. We are a HIPAA-secure technology that allows you to message, call, and share images with your healthcare team in a secure and fast way. We are not trying to be an EMR; we are focused on solving the problem of inefficient and delayed care that often leads to errors and delayed decision-making.

Depending on the system, integrating with your AMS or EMR is likely already available or on our short-term roadmap.

Any healthcare professional who is part of your workflow can use SirenMD. SirenMD is meant for healthcare providers and we strongly suggest keeping it to the healthcare team. We also understand that organizations have distinct cultures. If you would like to add non-healthcare professionals such as management, administration, or administrative professionals, SirenMD allows you to add any individual who you need to be a part of the healthcare conversation.

SirenMD works on all iOS (Apple) and Android mobile phones, and can be accessed on any mobile devices through our website: www.sirenmd.com.

SirenMD takes the protection of PHI very seriously, and we have created multiple levels of encryption and security to deny unauthorized access to your SirenMD account, even if you lose a device. If you leave your device at a coffee shop and someone picks it up, they will not be able to access SirenMD and the information on the platform. That said, if you ever lose your mobile device or computer, please let us know and we will immediately take additional measures.

HIPAA is a federal law that regulates how healthcare providers and companies responsible for Personal Health Information (PHI) handle the information with which they are entrusted. Being HIPAA-secure means that we follow the federal guidelines and best practices associated with HIPAA. Our physical safeguards (passcodes, thumb-security, being locked out of SirenMD if your account is idle, etc.) ensure that if your device falls into the wrong hands, the information will still be protected.

Furthermore, all PHI (shared updates, images, patient’s names, injuries, etc.) is encrypted on our back-end servers. This means that no one can see what information is being communicated on SirenMD except for authorized caregivers … not even SirenMD employees can see the updates and information being shared within SirenMD!

In short – Yes, your patient information and communications are safe and secure on SirenMD.

You should use SirenMD whenever you need to document and log something about a patient’s case or when you need to communicate with any of your healthcare colleagues about a patient’s case. Every user will find different ways of using SirenMD and will customize his or her experience to make SirenMD as helpful as possible to their daily workflow. 

If you are having trouble with any SirenMD feature, try logging out of the application and logging back in. If you are still having trouble, delete the application and re-download it from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android). If that does not work, contact SirenMD for support (see next question).

Where do I go for help?

You can contact SirenMD for help with a question 24/7. Here is our information:

24/7 Email Support: Help@sirenmd.com

24/7 Phone Support: 305-328-0009

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SirenMD is the secure collaboration and documentation platform for your care team.